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We walk with you in your Project/Business in the full cycle of your Project/Business 1. Need assessment 2. Project Planning 3.Project Execution 4. Project M&E 5.End Term Evaluation

Research, Project & Development in (Devolution, Technology, Innovation)

  1. The role of Kenyan Government on Vision 2030 Support & Achievement
  2. The role of Entrepreneurs and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) on SDGs Adoption
  3. The Role of 47 County Government of support of Agenda Big 4 for President Uhuru in Kenya
  4. M-PESA(Mobile Banking in Kenya) Effect of Mobile Banking on Economic Performance
  5. Effect of Mobile, Internet, ATM & Agent Banking in Africa on Economic growth
  6. Join us in EUROPE Lisbon Portugal 4-7 Nov 2019 Technology and Innovation ( More that 70,000 Attendee will be joining us MEO ARENA)
  7. IoT in Agriculture and Farming USA- YALI
  8. IoT in Smart Cities Austria
  9. Construction of Mega Project (Nairobi Metro)
  10. China, Thailand, Vietnan, Turkey, Dubai Business Tour (March 2019, Aug 2019, Oct & Nov & Dec 2019 Book Via
  11. Austria: 3rd BRIDGE for Cities – “2018 Green Practice of China Enterprises for Sustainable Development” publication. The publication has been codified by the UNIDO-UNEP Green Industry Platform’s China Chapter Office. The Director, Mr. GUAN Chenghua will attend the introduction.
  12. Effect of Big Data on performance of cities in the USA, Europe and China, Africa Key word ::Cost Reduction; Project Management; Urban planning; and security Management

  13. Impact of AI(Artificial Intelligence) on Business Performance
  14. Relationship between AI(Artificial Intelligence) and BI(Business Intelligent)
  15. Effects of Big Data in Security Intelligence
  16. Impact of Social Media on Business Performance
  17. Does Technology and Innovation matter in the world today
  18. Relationship between Technology and Innovation
  19. Difference between Python, R, SPSS, SAAS, DEA & STATA
  20. Role of Social Media in Government, Corporate, NGOs & Private sectors
  21. Role of Data Science in Project Management
  22. Relationship between Data Science and Machine Learning

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